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No Room For Error

As we all know, when it comes to air travel, you always want to cover all bases in making sure nothing has been overlooked.  The more prepared you are for a flight with your Service Dog, the lesser risk of unnecessary delays.

  One of the most important details to cover, (if you haven't already,) is getting the "DOT (Department of Transportation ID Number)" for your service dog.

( NOTE:  This ID number is a mandatory requirement for traveling with a Service Dog.

Documentation Requirements

You'll need to present a completed digital or printed U.S. Department of Transportation Service Animal Air Transportation Form at the ticket counter or gate on your day of travel. NOTE: The form must be dated on or after the date you purchased your ticket. A service animal vest, harness, ID card, or registration certificate will not be accepted in place of the form.

It is also important to always remember that the more simple you make it for the airport/airline staff  to assist you, the more rapidly your needs can be met.

If your dog is self-trained by the handler, you will need to notify the airline staff as well as the TSA officer. You have the added option of showing a TSA Notification Card, (see example at right.)

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Service Dog Regulations & Procedures

Due to the various air carriers having their own unique policies and procedures in regard to Service Dog and their handlers, we have provided links to many of the major U.S. air carriers related information below:
Alaska Airlines   Jetblue Airlines
Allegiant Airlines Southwest Airlines
Delta Airlines Spirit Airlines
Frontier Airlines United Airlines

"It is important to understand that a "Service Dog" is trained to assist or accommodate a person with a disability and not be distracted; in accordance with city, state and federal laws."

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