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The ASD™ ID Card+
Triple Tandom Validation

The ASD™ Registry ID Card+,  Detachable Certification Tag and Vest or Harness combined, provide a "Triple Tandom Validation", which stops fraudulent use from occurring. All three items have the ASD™ Registry certification number assigned for the "Service Dog" and their "Handler. If the numbers don't match, fraudulent use is evident and verified.


* The ID card can be used in digital or physical form. 
  As an added plus, there are additional Velcro™ strips for important medical info, and a pouch for epipens, etc. for the handler or paramedics in case of emergency.

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Additional Features

Membership cards such as Costco®, etc. can be tied to a ASD™ Registry number
Concerts / Events can use ASD Registry number on tickets
Companies with public access, can view ASD™ Registry ID card+ or scan QR code
Trains and public transport can view ASD™ Registry ID card+ or scan QR code
Altogether, taxpayers can benefit with a more rapid method of handling Service Dogs" everywhere. If the certification number has not yet been entered into a company's database, they can simply simply check the ASD™ Registry ID Card+ or scan the QR code to validate ASD™ Registry certification. Reduce time at airports or any public access facility which results in an overall cost reduction. 

"It is important to understand that a "Service Dog" is trained to assist or accommodate a person with a disability and not be distracted; in accordance with city, state and federal laws."

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