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ASD™ Registry Audio Introduction

The Solution For Today's Society

With the ever-present trend of misrepresentation by consumers of their pets as Service Dogs (SD),  ASD™ Registry Foundation has recognized this and developed the only nationally recognized certification for Service Dogs being PublicSafe .

Added Support & Recognition

Federal ADA™ compliance law clearly defines the rights for Service Dogs and their Handlers. Until now though, the level of sufficient support to actually enforce ADA™ compliance has been limited. ASD™ Registry Certification now provides the added support in recognition and enforcement of Service Dogs being PublicSafe.

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Greater Purpose and Value

ASD™ Registry Certification of Service Dogs provides the only "Triple Tandom Validation" going well beyond the general assumption of Service Dogs by the public.  it serves to help the handler and the public simultaneously.
Providing pre-qualified verification of a Service Dog, for having been tested and certified for being PublicSafe
Restaurants now have the ability to be able to have the ASD™ Registry Seal on their door or window so that their customers know before entering, enforcement of "Service Dogs Only" is an active feature of their business.
Whether retail store, private office or any retail facility, the ASD™ Registry Seal provides a highly recognized symbol that confirms to it's patrons, enforcement of "Service Dogs Only is being enforced; "No Pets Allowed."
All ASD™ Registry harnesses, butterfly vests and all other products offered are hand sewn and "Made in America."

In essence, the ASD Registry Certification and Seal are serving the needs of a handler, their Service Dog and even YOU, the taxpayer!!

"It is important to understand that a "Service Dog" is trained to assist or accommodate a person with a disability and not be distracted; in accordance with city, state and federal laws."

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