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Dog Size Matters?

Service Dogs are not all Labrador, German Shepherd and the like.  This is partly due to the specific tasks the dog is trained to perform for the handler.


Having The Best Fit  |  Big Dogs Matter Too  |  Small Dogs Advantages  |  Many Advantages

Having The Best Fit

An important part of our ASD™ Registry certification is our "Small Class, (SC)" ServiceDogs evaluation. This is where size matters, yet not in the way you might think.  "Small Class, (SC)" dogs such as Chihuahuas, Poodles, and mixed breeds play an important part in the lives of many as a ServiceDog
"Small dogs can be trained for therapy work, ratting, detecting diseases, and acting as alarm dogs, which makes them incredibly valuable. Large dogs can be trained to guide, guard, service, and save, which are also hard skills to beat. " 


The criteria for dogs in this division to be approved for ASD™ Registry certification as being as PublicSafe™ are no different than "Large Class, (LC)" dogs.  An interesting thought to consider is that Small Class, (SC) division dogs are used and are more readily available than "Large Class, (LC)" division in evaluation for ServiceDogs

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Big Dogs Matter Too

Although we are focusing on small ServiceDogs in this article, big dogs matter too. Bigger ServiceDogs are in the "Large Class (LG)" division. They have the bulk and height to be more effective, especially in guiding, protecting and picking up larger objects.  That's just the start.
"Large dogs can be trained to guide, guard, and save, as well as other skills. Although both big and small dogs can be trained for various assigned tasks, bigger dogs generally have better suitability in some applications." 

-  ASD™ Staff

When it comes to behavioral differences, bigger dogs tend to be easier to train, be more likely to cuddle up with their handler and relax the majority of the time. The majority of our PublicSafe ASD™ Registry ServiceDogs are of the large class.


Did You Know...
Small Service Dogs Provide

Many Advantages

"Small class Service  Dogs tend to be far more easily used for travel because of their size. Maintaining their needs is far easier than would be imagined. Less bulk to carry."


Besides Being Soft and Cuddly

Small Class ServiceDogs have quite the portfolio of many advantages. We have provided a short list of some of them to be aware of:

Suitable for ratting, detecting diseases, and acting as alarm dogs,
Adept at accessing a person in an emergency where there is limited space
Superior in speed of learning medical alerts or responses
Can alert or respond to a handler's panic attacks and mood swings
Can press into their handler's chest for pressure therapy while on lap
Alert to blood sugar extremes, flashbacks, night terrors and other medical issues

"It is important to understand that a "ServiceDog" is trained to assist or accommodate a person with a disability and not be distracted; in accordance with city, state and federal laws."

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