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ServiceDog Certification

Our certification process has been carefully designed in accordance with the Federal ADA compliance law and associated city and state regulations. This is to ensure no question of  an ASD™ Registry certified Service Dog being PublicSafe and able to enter most any place the public can go.
"Generally, businesses and non-profits that are open to the public as well as state / local governments must allow service animals to go most places where the public can go. This is true even if they have a “no pets” policy." 


We have provided a clear and simple understanding of the criteria for a Service Dog to be approved for ASD™ Registry certification. Our objective is to help establish a clear line in the definition between pets and Service Dogs.

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In the application for certification of a Service Dog being considered for ASD™ Certification, all of the criteria / items outlined below must be submitted and / or verified.

Age and Birth Information

Date of birth, City / Sate of birth, Current age

Chip & Spay / Neuter Information

Service Dog chip number
Name of company who manufactured the chip and contact info
Verification of  Service Dog being spayed / neutered

City License & Veterinarian Information

Service Dog active city license number, including City and State
All shots must be up to date
Name, address and contact info for Veterinarian of the Service Dog

Medical Conditions & Task Training

List of all medical conditions for Service Dog
Detailed description of all tasks Service Dog has been trained for


PublicSafe™ Verified

Date of validation for Service Dog being PublicSafe
Name of ASD™ Registry recognized company that  the conducted PublicSafevalidation
Copy of validation letter for Service Dog being PublicSafe

"It is important to understand that a "Service Dog" is trained to assist or accommodate a person with a disability and not be distracted; in accordance with city, state and federal laws."

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